Align your money with your values.

Who Are We?

Angels of Main Street is a nationwide investment community for ANYONE who wants to learn about investing directly in businesses that are doing work you care about.

Our community is open to EVERYONE—you can be an Angel investor too!

There is NO MINIMUM net worth or income requirement—you DO NOT need to be an accredited investor.

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Join Our Community and Become An Angel of Main Street

Meet Some of Our Angels


Tracy Gray is the Founder and Managing Partner of The 22 Fund (The 22)—an impact, growth equity, and advisory firm. But she hasn’t always worked in finance—she started out as a systems engineer on the Space Shuttle program, she’s managed indie bands, and was a senior advisor to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

In 2015, Tracy gave a TEDx Talk entitled “Why It’s Time for Women to Be Sexist with Investment Capital.” Due to the overwhelming response, Tracy founded the non-profit We Are Enough, which is focused on increasing the flow of capital to women entrepreneurs by educating women on how and why to invest in women-owned, for-profit businesses and/or with a gender lens.


Felipe Witchger is passionate about racial equity, sustainability, and social good, and he knows first-hand that one can realize financial and social benefits from mindful investment. He has written extensively on his experience in the mainstream investment paradigm and his decision to move his money into purpose-driven investment. Through his involvement in a community purchasing alliance co-op, Felipe has overseen investments in 75 churches and schools in Durham, North Carolina with 60% of contracts won by POC-owned businesses.

Through mindful investing, Felipe has found great satisfaction and contentment with his investments in small local businesses such as his kids’ favorite bakery. For more from Felipe, check out “My Investing Turmoil,” “Truly Ethical Investing: Finally, A Step Towards Making My Conscience Happier,” and his website.


With a current portfolio of 22 investments in women-led companies, Nancy Hayes is an active angel investor and advisor to women entrepreneurs. Nancy was a senior executive of the IBM Corporation for almost 20 years and served as CEO of two social services nonprofit organizations—WISE Senior Services and the Starbright Foundation.

For six years, Nancy served as the Dean of the College of Business at San Francisco State University and as the university’s CFO for two years. Nancy co-founded a rewards-based crowdfunding site and was Managing Director of Golden Seeds Silicon Valley chapter, a national angel investment network with the goal of achieving above-market returns by investing in women-led businesses.


Michelle Greenwood’s interest in values-driven investment reaches back nearly a decade to her time as a financial advisor. Watching others move money from Wall Street to Main Street, she learned to see financial resources as tools for change.

In 2014 she committed to the idea full-time as a director for Slow Money SoCal. Today she continues her work with the social enterprise, Good Capital Projects, which she founded in 2017.

Michelle’s personal investment thesis builds on her early investment work with small food businesses, though she is also open to other types of social enterprise.


Join Us?

You may not think of yourself as an investor, but if you have ever bought a home, invested in the stock market, or contributed to a retirement account, you ARE an investor! But did you know that you can also align your investments with your values and invest directly in the small businesses and causes you care about? When you join our community of Angels you will…

Grow businesses that are making the world a better place
Fund solutions to our greatest social and environmental problems
Create millions of jobs in our communities
Learn from talented entrepreneurs and business professionals you can trust

Benefits of Becoming An Angel

Access to comprehensive training on investing led by lawyers, investors, and successful entrepreneurs

Access to a community of like-minded investors

Early notice of investment opportunities and invitations to online and in-person events for mission-driven investors, entrepreneurs, and change-makers

What Do We Ask

In Return?

$100 one-time
membership fee

$500 invested yearly in small businesses

“We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.”

Louis Brandeis
Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court