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Eve Picker was introduced to the concept of real estate crowdfunding in 2012.  As a real estate developer who focused on underutilized assets in struggling neighborhoods, she had long wrestled with the impediments to financing projects that banks thought were too risky.  When the JOBS Act passed, Eve recognized an opportunity to finance impactful projects with the help of the very people who populate these struggling neighborhoods and cities.  And so she launched the real estate equity crowdfunding platform, Small Change.  The platform is not just about investing for a return, but it’s about investing to do some good.

Small Change focuses on catalyzing neighborhood projects that make their communities and cities better. It’s the nation’s first Funding Portal dedicated to funding real estate projects.

When I first met Eve, I recognized her as a direct descendant of one of my heroes, Jane Jacobs, a brave and tireless advocate for great cities.

The Small Change platform includes a proprietary “Change Index” to encourage investing in real estate projects that change cities and neighborhoods for the better by increasing walkability and bike-ability, public transit access, access to green space, and other measures of improvements to quality of life.

To learn more about Eve, check out her awesome TedX talk about the cure for the common city.