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A wise business person shared this great formula for communicating about your investment offering:

  • The proceeds of this raise will be used predominantly for X and Y.
  • These initiatives (X and Y) will lead to increased sales and profit for the company, which makes this a great financial investment
  • In addition, these initiatives (X and Y) allow us to further our mission.  Here’s how . . .

Here is an example of how this might sound:

  • The proceeds of this raise will be used primarily to help us grow our new professional publishing division.
  • Growth of this division will improve our profitability because margins in the professional publishing market tend to be higher than those in the trade segment of the market where we have traditionally operated.
  • Growth of our professional publishing division will also allow us to reach more people with our world-changing message.  The professionals and academics who are the consumers of information in the professional publishing space are people of influence — reaching them will allow us to greatly broaden our influence.