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Many philanthropists would like to dip a toe into impact investing, but they’re not sure where to start.  Below are a few organizations and projects that combine the best of nonprofits and social enterprise.  Many can accept both donations and investments (not all are currently accepting investments).

  1. Impact Assets – make a tax-deductible charitable donation and they will invest your donation in the social enterprise of your choice – investment returns grow the pool of investable assets
  2. SheEO – make a tax-deductible charitable donation and then help choose women entrepreneurs that will receive investment out of the the donated funds
  3. Force for Good Fund – 501(c)(3) investment fund offering eight-year revenue sharing notes – investing in social enterprises with a focus on women and people of color
  4. Economic Development and Financing Corporation – a nonprofit CDFI in Mendocino that raised money from the general public in California to invest in a start up wool mill
  5. RSF Social Finance – nonprofit offering investment notes to the general public – considered very low risk
  6. Nia House, a school in Berkeley – offered notes to the families it serves to build an addition; used community notes to leverage grants and institutional loans
  7. Beneficial State Bank is a for-profit bank whose stock is owned by a nonprofit foundation – bank profits go to the foundation so that it can make community grants – a great place to park your money!

Please share your examples!