LAST CHANCE: Deadline to register for our virtual training ends TONIGHT!

I am so proud to announce that we will be holding our annual CoCap conference this year on October 20-22 in Oakland and San Francisco, and it promises to be the best one yet!

The first CoCap (Community Capital) conference was held in 2013. It happened because Konda Mason and I attended the nation’s largest impact investing conference, SoCap, and felt there was a need for a community-based, grassroots supplement.

This year CoCap is being organized by BALLE with the support of amazing partners like the Center for Cultural Innovation, Justice Funders, and the Runway Project.

My contribution to the conference will be curating a discussion on Decolonizing Access to Capital. What exactly does that mean? Colonization is when a dominant group or system takes over and exploits and extracts from an existing place or people. Decolonization is the process of restoring and healing what has been taken.

The system of finance and wealth creation has been colonized by the global financial industry that serves the master of maximizing financial wealth for the few as quickly as possible regardless of the impact on communities, workers, consumers, and the earth.

The vast majority of the world’s financial wealth is used for this purpose. In addition to creating extreme wealth inequality, mental and physical sickness, and environmental devastation, this system deprives access to financial capital to all but the most privileged, leaving hundreds of thousands of brilliant social entrepreneurs without the resources they need to realize their vision.

By decolonizing access to capital, we can reclaim financial resources (and other types of capital) to be used in a way that nurtures, sustains, and benefits all life.

I look forward to sharing some amazing stories at CoCap about how access to capital is being decolonized and how we can all participate in the movement to deploy capital in ways that create just and sustainable prosperity for all.