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So many of us have heard horror stories of founders giving up control to investors and then being pushed to do things with their business they didn’t want to do or even getting fired from their own company!  

The good news is that it is absolutely possible to raise money AND maintain control of your business.  I’ve been helping clients raise money for over 10 years, and I have never had a client who gave up control to investors!

Every business and business owner is unique — ideally, investment terms should be tailored to each situation. Unfortunately, most lawyers and finance professionals are unwilling or unable to be creative.  

You live and breathe your business, and you have a vision of what the business will look like when it has reached its ideal size and level of impact. This vision is what should inform the terms on which you accept investment. If you accept terms that are dictated by an investor, you risk sacrificing your vision, goals, and values in the name of complying with whatever the legal documents dictate.

If you structure the investment offering in a way that reflects what you value most, you will attract investors who support you, believe in your vision, and trust you to lead the business in a healthy and sustainable direction—all while YOU maintain control of YOUR business.