Mickey began to raise capital for his first business with an investment crowdfunding offering on a Vermont-based platform called Milk Money. About a year ago, Mickey and his team wanted to grow the business and needed capital to do so, but realized the mainstream method of startup fundraising wasn’t appealing to them. That led them to seek out investors who were much more geared toward social impact investing. 


Mickey Wiles


Working Fields


CEO and founder Mickey Wiles is in long-term recovery and benefited from a second chance after his own struggles with substance use, addiction, and incarceration. Since 2004, Mickey has dedicated his career to helping others gain their second chance through similar opportunities.

Mickey has worked as Executive Director of a recovery center, Turning Point Center in Chittenden County, where he developed a Recovery Coaching model for the state of Vermont. Founding Working Fields was a natural next step, combining these experiences with over 30 years of business leadership at companies including Ben & Jerry’s, Burlington Labs, and Seventh Generation.

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