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In this episode, GO Box CEO Jocelyn Gaudi Quarrell shares her plans to eliminate waste for to-go food and drinks, her journey in fundraising, how her company’s core value of sustainability impacts her management decisions, and her strategy to get investors on board.

Though Jocelyn is no stranger to fundraising, she shares why she approached Jenny Kassan and her team to be guided and gain more insights into the best way forward.

Episode Highlights:

  • Importance to keeping all stakeholders engaged in Go Box’s Circular System
  • How she balances her time on growing the business, keeping revenue up, and fundraising
  • Importance of keeping employees well informed and engaged on how fundraising is coming along
  • Conversations with diverse investors
  • How she handles the stress and pressure of raising capital
  • Her tips to entrepreneurs who are just getting started on their fundraising journey—from creating pitch decks to rallying support.

Key Takeaways:
Fundraising can be a stressful and emotionally laborious process, so keeping your community close to help work through the process is invaluable.” – Jocelyn Gaudi Quarrell
Your customers are your best investors.” – Jocelyn Gaudi Quarrell
Getting it going is more important than getting it right because it is a fluid process.” – Jenny Kassan


Jocelyn Gaudi Quarrell


GO Box


Jocelyn Gaudi Quarrell is the owner of GO Box, a reusable takeout food and drinkware service working to eliminate the need for single-use plastic disposables. Prior to funding GO Box, Jocelyn focused on sustainable transportation and mobility systems, working for Zipcar & Alta Bicycle Share, where she helped launch & expand bike-share systems in cities across the US.

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  • Angels of Main Street is a community of investors with no minimum wealth or income requirement to join.  If you’d like to be part of a community of diverse investors who want to make a difference with their dollars, please join us in Angels of Main Street!

Episode Credit:

Intro and outro are voiced by Marina Verlaine. She can be contacted at


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