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Laina Greene is a Social Impact Investor & Tech Entrepreneur. In this episode, Laina shares her journey and background on social impact investing and why she believes in funding resilient and resourceful women entrepreneurs in indigenous communities.

Episode Highlights:

  • What inspired Laina to get into social impact investing
  • Making investment decisions
  • Her take on traditional venture capital model versus social impact investing
  • Demystifying impact investors
  • Pieces of advice to both entrepreneurs and investors
  • Impact investing in times of global pandemic
  • A triumphant story of a female entrepreneur

Key Takeaways:

“Look for those investors that care about the impact that you’re making and would give some value to that impact.” – Laina Green

“Women are a great investment. They are really resourceful.” – Laina Green


Laina Greene


Angels of Impact


Laina Greene is the CEO and Founder of Angels of Impact, a community of investors, social entrepreneurs, and volunteers that provides funding and technical assistance to women-led, indigenous community-based enterprises.

Born and raised in Singapore, she has lived and worked in Switzerland, the United States, and Indonesia and traveled to more than 47 countries for work and leisure. She’s also a tech consultant to global entities such as International Telecommunications Union, INTELSAT, Cisco Systems, and Juniper. Laina, founded and ran two for-profits and two nonprofit organizations over the course of her working life.

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Additional resources:

  • Angels of Main Street is a community of investors with no minimum wealth or income requirement to join.  If you’d like to be part of a community of diverse investors who want to make a difference with their dollars, please join us in Angels of Main Street!

Episode Credit:

Intro and outro are voiced by Marina Verlaine. She can be contacted at


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