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In today’s episode, Capital Insight co-host and securities lawyer Michelle Thimesch sits down with investment crowdfunding strategist Bill Huston to talk about the tools we have at our disposal to dismantle oppressive economic systems and build more equitable ones.

Episode Highlights:

  • “I came up with this: the one fundamental rule of crowdfunding – and that’s if you don’t build an excited and engaged crowd, you will not get the funding that you are looking for.”


Bill Huston is an INC. Magazine top 19 global crowdfunding expert, author, speaker, and educator with over a decade of crowdfunding experience. He founded Crowd-Max, an investment crowdfunding accelerator and incubator to introduce and educate Black founders on how to successfully use investment crowdfunding to raise capital and build Black wealth with one goal in mind: to close the racial wealth gap. The organization’s core mission is to help Black entrepreneurs raise capital and scale via crowdfunding.

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  • Angels of Main Street is a community of investors with no minimum wealth or income requirement to join.  If you’d like to be part of a community of diverse investors who want to make a difference with their dollars, please join us in Angels of Main Street!

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