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In this episode, Avery Ebron discusses The Guild, an Atlanta-based organization whose mission is to develop community owned and controlled real estate models, taking a systems approach to creating collaborative, inclusive, and sustainable communities with the aim of addressing the root causes of economic inequality.

Key Takeaways:

“Our focus is closing the racial wealth gap through real estate, entrepreneurship programs, and access to capital. After starting out with an accelerator co-living focus and working with neighborhood developers, we pivoted to understanding that ownership and community stewardship of real estate is the key to moving power into those communities, and so we moved into real estate.”

“Our current flagship initiative is Ground Cover, and the mission is to seed and develop community-owned and -controlled real estate models that allow marginalized communities to collect assets in their neighborhood and develop power and self-determination.”


Avery Ebron loves opportunities to collaborate with under-appreciated communities to develop products and places that facilitate agency, equity, and symbiotic relationships. As Head of Community Products and Operations, Avery guides the design and delivery of The Guild’s mission to build community wealth in BIPOC communities. Prior to The Guild, Avery worked at Clearinghouse CDFI, where he led the design and development of financial products for businesses and nonprofits serving disinvested neighborhoods. Avery is also co-founder of the Dismantle Collective and the Healing Justice Collective, creating and curating spaces for healing for people of color. In his spare time, Avery enjoys teaching kids how to play chess and occasionally losing to them.

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