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In this episode of the Capital Insight Podcast, host Jenny Kassan is joined by social entrepreneur Pooja Mehta who shares her experience being a woman in the investment industry, what she’s learned as an angel investor, and how she’s supporting underrepresented social entrepreneurs.


Pooja advises and invests in women and other historically underrepresented leaders and mission-driven businesses. “I want to do my part to empower and support others in a way that helps narrow racial and gender wealth gaps.” Her goal is to ensure that business owners feel informed and confident to make decisions and ensure they have trusted partners to turn to when questions arise.


Pooja joined the impact investing space with a desire to benefit society. She learned of angel investing and loved the idea of supporting companies and founders that she believes in. She shares what she learned as a newbie angel investor and offers advice for those who are thinking about becoming an angel investor. She recommends considering these questions: what are the changes you want to see in the world?; how do you want to use your investments to advance that change?; and what are the types of investments you want to make? “Being able to see the opportunities and the ways that your money can be of value to a founder is really important,” she says. Listen to the full episode below.



Pooja Mehta is the founder of The Marigold Effect, which provides advice, capital, and storytelling tools to help mission-driven organizations grow. The company draws inspiration from the marigold, a companion flower that helps nearby plants flourish. Pooja is a lawyer, entrepreneur, investor, photographer, and advisor to non-profits & small businesses. She lives in Washington, DC.


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