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In this episode of the Capital Insight Podcast, financial services professional, social entrepreneur, author, and angel investor, Logan Yonavjak shares what led her to impact investing and what she’s learned about raising capital. Throughout her career she’s assumed many roles, but her goal has always been raising capital for change: “All along the way my focus has been asking this question: how do we change our economic system?”


Logan is involved in a variety of activities around raising capital and financial advising. This includes coaching entrepreneurs who are seeking investment opportunities. Her advice on how to find a business investor? “What really motivates people at the end of the day,” she says, “are stories, especially ones that have hope.”


In her work, Logan has adapted and introduced a number of innovative tools for both entrepreneurs and investors to offset the “confusion and complex emotions” that come with investing and raising capital. To the clients she coaches, she emphasizes the importance of trusting your instincts: “We don’t give enough credence to those senses that we inherently have. And so my interest has been exploring tools that could be brought into both the capital raising process from the entrepreneur’s side, and then also the investor perspective.”

She also encourages system sensing, “a visceral aptitude that involves intuition and emotions and draws on our innate capacity for being in relationship to and listening more deeply to the elements of a system.” Listen to the episode to learn more about the tools and methods Logan applies to her work driving capital for change.



Logan Yonavjak is passionate about building businesses and guiding capital in ways that replenish, restore, and sustain our social, environmental, and economic systems to advance a more holistic future for all. Currently, she works as a consultant for a variety of clients, primarily focused on working lands investments; more recently, she worked with CREO Syndicate, the Yale Investments Office, and Align Impact.

Her work in financial services involves connecting high net worth individuals and other investors to regenerative investment opportunities. She has also developed new financial models and tools, particularly focused on land conservation and restoration, and has written extensively about how to invest for people, planet, and profit. She also advise a variety of impact-oriented startups, on both raising capital and reporting impact metrics.


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