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In this episode of the Capital Insight Podcast, cohosts Jenny Kassan and Michelle Thimesch explore the first step of raising capital on your own terms: clarifying your goals and values.

When raising capital, identifying your business values will help you target the right investors and lay out terms that make the most sense for you and your business’s mission. Jenny notes the importance of always planning for the future of your business, referring to each step as a “seed” that will help grow your business to its full potential: “You’re planting seeds all the time — everything you do in your business is planting seeds for the future.”

Knowing your goals and values from the start will help you stick to them as you grow your business. It’s the best way to keep your mission intact. Michelle states, “It’s not just the money — it’s the right money from the right investors that helps you succeed.”

Plan out the future of your business carefully to ensure you can reap positive results later, and remember that your values should always be non-negotiable when searching for funding options.

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