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In this episode of the Capital Insight Podcast, cohosts Jenny Kassan and Michelle Thimesch share a method to boost your confidence to ask for investment.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for investors to fund your business, you may be struggling with making an ask. If you feel anxious about asking for money, know you’re not alone. These feelings are very common and can be addressed with an amazing and effective exercise that helps you step back from limiting beliefs. Says Michelle, “It’s your thoughts around this asking; that is the limitation.”

Self-doubt can have physical and mental ramifications that keep you from building connections and developing relationships with potential investors. These limiting beliefs “can impact how we’re showing up, and what energy we’re bringing to a situation.” In the episode, Jenny and Michelle offer an exercise to control these types of fears to keep you calm and focused when promoting your business and asking for an investment.

According to Jenny, “The best way to get over that fear is just to keep believing you can get the words out and then continue to learn from that process of doing it over again.” If you keep practicing, you’re sure to get more comfortable and improve. Practice and perseverance are key to making the ask. Listen to the full episode for more insights!

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