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As an entrepreneur, do you ever wonder what investors think about and care about? Do you wish you knew what they are looking for?

The graphic above comes from a brainstorming session by a group of investors about what is important to them when deciding what to invest in. Specifically, this is a group of investors that we have convened in a due diligence learning group.

Here are some other takeaways from their meeting:

  When we shift money from Wall Street to Main Street we are shifting a power balance and we are directly impacting our communities for the better. As such, we place importance on the health of the investor, the community impact, the inclusivity of the project, and we look for ways to help entrepreneurs win. We consider the impact of the project on the community and the planet along with the potential return that we might make on the investment.

  We consciously question the traditional structures and processes that have excluded so many from access to capital and opportunity. Perhaps an issuer hasn’t raised money before and doesn’t have a track record of previous exits. Do they have other ways to demonstrate responsibility, tenacity, and a healthy mindset? Consider those instead. Be creative. Be supportive.

Would you like to hear more about what is important to these investors and maybe join them in deploying capital (even if you only have a little bit to invest!)? We invite you to join our FREE Due Diligence Learning Cohort, a series of interactive discussion sessions designed to take the mystery out of direct investing. Angels of Main Street Community Manager Amy Short, a successfully exited entrepreneur and investor, is hosting this six week learning opportunity and we encourage entrepreneurs and investors alike to attend. Throughout this series we will be analyzing an offering by Pacific Northwest Rural Broadband Alliance. Meetings are held on Mondays at 5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern from Monday, November 1 – Monday, December 6.

This is a free, open to all, inclusive learning experience. There is no requirement, expectation, or pressure to invest in the Pacific Northwest Rural Broadband Alliance offering, although everyone is welcome to do so if they determine that the investment opportunity is a match for themselves and their own goals.

If you are interested in joining, please reach out to Amy Short at to be added to the group. We have completed three of the six calls of the series, and if you are interested in joining on Monday, November 22nd, we would love to share call recordings and resources from previous calls.