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Episode 59: Convertible Income Share Agreements with Will Stringer

Episode 59: Convertible Income Share Agreements with Will Stringer

In this episode of the Capital Insight Podcast, hosts Jenny and Michelle chat with Will Stringer, Founder of Chisos Capital, about the innovative tool he’s developed to help entrepreneurs raise capital.

When starting an investment company in 2019, Will wanted to present a creative new way for entrepreneurs to get funding and for investors to contribute. He pioneered Convertible Income Share Agreements (CISA) and launched Chisos Capital. These unique terms are designed for companies that need more flexibility than what the venture capital model allows.

In this episode, he shares with Jenny and Michelle how people initially reacted to this new innovative investment model and how he adjusted the marketing for it to appeal to investors. “We had to hone in our story to be this debt-equity hybrid that is totally different. We started leading with, ‘You’ve probably never heard of anything like this: we’re investing in people.’”

According to Will, at least 70% of the investments his company has made are in underrepresented business owners. You don’t have to be on the venture capital path to receive an investment. Listen to the episode to learn more.

Will Stringer is co-founder and CEO of Chisos, an early-stage alternative investment company utilizing a Convertible Income Share Agreement to invest at the earliest stages of business ideation and formation. Will is responsible for the creation of the Convertible Income Share Agreement, development of the underwriting and diligence criteria, fundraising, financial planning and general operations of the company. Will is an angel investor and advisor to multiple early-stage companies. From October 2018 to January 2020, Will was an advisor to a global payments company working to digitize gold and bring transparency to the gold supply chain. From 2015-2019, Will worked on the investment team at Cockrell Interests, a single-family office based in Texas. He managed all phases of illiquid investment execution including sourcing, diligence and ongoing portfolio management. Prior to Cockrell, Will was an Analyst in the Energy Investment Banking Group of Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

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