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Episode 26: Moving Money in Regenerative Finance with Sean Campbell

Episode 26: Moving Money in Regenerative Finance with Sean Campbell

In this episode, Capital Insight co-host and securities attorney Jenny Kassan talks with Sean Campbell about his journey from Wall Street investor to regenerative finance expert.

Episode Highlights:

  • “I considered going into one of the more conventional investment funds that had started to spring up at the time, but ultimately I decided what I was interested in was more structural change.”


Sean Campbell is the founder of Capital for Communities, an advisory and consulting firm that works to broaden access to capital and create a just, equitable financial system that supports thriving communities and works for everyone. His engagements include advice on fund and financial product structuring, strategic advice on the financial markets, and advice on and management of individual project financings; his clients include social enterprises, government agencies, financial institutions, and non-profit organizations. He is a Technical Advisor to Common Future, a network of leaders (re) building an economy that includes everyone; he is also the facilitator of the Real Estate Circle of the Inclusive Capital Collective.

Prior to founding Capital for Communities, Sean worked for 15 years in investment management, most recently as a managing director in the principal investing group at Macquarie. Sean has made and managed hundreds of millions of dollars of equity and credit investments, and has invested in debt and equity in the public and private markets. He holds degrees from the University of Chicago and Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar.

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  • Angels of Main Street is a community of investors with no minimum wealth or income requirement to join.  If you’d like to be part of a community of diverse investors who want to make a difference with their dollars, please join us in Angels of Main Street!

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Intro and outro are voiced by Marina Verlaine. She can be contacted at


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Investors are Incredibly Diverse

Investors are Incredibly Diverse

When you think of investors, what do you picture?  White guys in suits or khakis looking for the next Snapchat?

Or do you picture a group of young people who say things like this:

To invest is to put resources (energy, work, finance, love) into something to create change over time.  We must seek, with our investments, to fundamentally change the very shape of the economy.

At the Confluence Philanthropy Gathering in Boston, I caught up with Kate Poole, one of the founders of Regenerative Finance.

Regenerative Finance is an organization of young people “with access to wealth and class privilege who believe in a more just world. . . . Regenerative Finance shifts the economy by transferring control of capital to communities most affected by racial, climate and economic injustice.”

The members of Regenerative Finance look nothing like the stereotype of an investor and their goals and worldview could not be more different from the typical venture capitalist or investment fund.

When you picture an investor, keep an open mind!  That kid with all the piercings and tattoos sitting next to you at the coffee shop could be your next investor. Approximately 55% of Americans invest in the stock market. Many more have savings at financial institutions.

A majority of the population of the U.S. is made up of investors! The more you broaden your definition of potential investors, the greater success you will have raising capital. Instead of fishing in that tiny pond of venture capitalists, professional angels, and investment funds, why not fish in the ocean of non-professional investors – some subset of which might be really excited by your vision and passion.