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Episode 4: Steps To Finding Investors Aligned With Your Values

Episode 4: Steps To Finding Investors Aligned With Your Values

When Shaun started her first company, LVNGbook, she decided to try the bootstrap method to fund her company. Shaun knew that she wanted to grow her company slowly, so she chose from the beginning not to go the venture capital route. Instead, it was important to her to grow the company to align with her values and fit with her vision of the company culture she wanted to create. That led her to look for angel investors or individuals interested in the company and its mission.


Shaun Chavis, founder, and CEO of LVNGbook




Shaun Chavis is the founder and CEO of LVNGbook, a company that offers customizable cookbooks and wellness journals to help people eat to prevent or manage chronic conditions.  

Shaun’s career includes 20 years as a journalist and media professional for organizations such as Time Inc. and ABC News / The Walt Disney Company. Her work has won two Luce Awards (Time Inc.’s highest honor), a James Beard Award, and made the New York Times Nonfiction Bestsellers list. She was co-founder of FoodBlogSouth, which became the largest food blogging conference in the Southeast US. She’s also helped develop a control label line of ice creams sold exclusively in Whole Foods Market stores in North America, and she owned her own boutique content marketing agency, Saltshaker Marketing. She has a culinary degree and a Master of Liberal Arts in Gastronomy from Boston University.

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