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Spotlight on a Successful Social Enterprise: Equal Exchange

From the Equal Exchange YouTube channel

Financial Success and Core Values
One of my favorite examples of an organization that has been able to raise millions of dollars of capital while staying in control and true to its values is Equal Exchange.

Despite posting enviable growth, this company has successfully retained its mission to create mutually beneficial relationships between farmers and consumers and support worker democracy and fair trade throughout the world.

Try some of Equal Exchange’s teas, coffees, chocolates, and fruit. You’ll be hard pressed to find goods of this quality anywhere else, and you’ll feel awesome that what you’re consuming is good for you and good for the world.

So what’s their secret?
How has Equal Exchange been able to grow and thrive for over 25 years while maintaining its mission and values?

Equal Exchange stipulates from the outset that investors have no voting rights. Investors are sufficiently confident in the worker-owners of the company to steward its resources. And investors have never been disappointed – they have received generous dividends every year, resulting in a return that exceeds a comparable investment in the S&P 500.

Notably, Equal Exchange’s structure prevents any investor or owner from profiting from the sale of the company.

Equal Exchange’s structure and investor agreements ensure that only values-aligned investors will be interested. The controls placed shareholder participation have never proven a hurdle to gaining investment. Demand exceeds supply every time. Equal Exchange offers its preferred stock.

Values-Driven Business
Equal Exchange is not successful in spite of its commitment to its mission but because of it. A majority of investors and consumers want to do business with values-driven companies and Equal Exchange meets that demand.

There is plenty of room for more companies to do the same!