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My colleague Angela Barbash of Revalue wrote a great blog post with some practical resources for those of us who want to use the COVID 19 crisis as an opportunity to move toward a healthier, just, and sustainable economy that creates wealth and prosperity for all.

Here is an excerpt.  For the full post, click here.

As each town and state considers the logistics of reopening, there will be a void in our collective consciousness where once a flawed-yet-understood socioeconomic infrastructure existed, but now there is only a vast, open landscape of opportunity for a newly reconstructed infrastructure that will, hopefully, carry us all into a more equitable future for generations to come.

We need a different way forward, what we might call the Theory of Comparative Resilience. My basic proposition is simple: Those communities that are best able to withstand future crises—whether pandemics, climate disruptions, or financial meltdowns—will be the ones that thrive economically. They will be the best places for investors to park their money. They will attract the best and the brightest people. They will be the places where residents feel secure enough to innovate. As your community begins the long road of rebuilding, here are eight criteria by which you might measure your community’s comparative resilience.

Local Ownership

Local Investment

Economic Diversity



Social Equity


Social Performance of Business