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Kristin has been investing in many ways for many years. She has actually been involved in the world of finance from a very young age. She became an impact investor in 2007, and her mission has been directing money towards the economy sustainably and inclusively.  In this episode, Kristin shares her method of evaluating an investment opportunity, what entrepreneurs can do to make themselves and their business compelling for potential investors, and how you can raise capital in a way that’s not cookie cutter.


Nia Impact Capital, Founder, CEO


Kristin is the founder and CEO of Nia Impact Capital, a women-led Registered Investment Advisor leading the charge to change the face of finance by hiring and training women and people of color in sustainable and transformative investing. Kristin founded Nia Global Solutions, a gender-lens portfolio of solutions-focused companies, in her efforts to bring impact investing into the public markets. An impact Investor since 2007, Kristin oversaw the investment process for the first family foundations as they moved their endowment assets into 100% alignment with their philanthropic mission. In 2010 Kristin went on to found Nia Community, a 100% mission-aligned impact investment fund focused on social change and environmental sustainability in her hometown of Oakland, California. Kristin is a co-founder of the North Oakland Community Charter School and served on the founding board of George Mark Children’s House. Prior to devoting her career to transforming our financial system, Kristin was a full-time educator, teaching bilingual classes in Oakland and San Francisco. She earned her Ph.D. in Education at the University of California, Berkeley, her Masters in Research in Bilingual Education from Stanford University, and her BA and teaching credentials from Tufts University.

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