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Few people know about the potential of Investment Crowdfunding to save the middle class and bring back the unique character and charm of our individual states, cities, and towns.

Investment Crowdfunding is a newer tool that allows the American people to fund the innovations and enterprises they want to see in their communities and in the world.

Crowdsourcing itself is not new. Virtually every society has developed some type of crowd sourced solution to economic scarcity, such as micro-lending groups and cooperative business practices. But prior to a national model like Regulation Crowdfunding, it was difficult to have broad coverage of high impact solutions.

Today, we want to begin in earnest the discussion about the use of Investment Crowdfunding in our states, cities, and towns to bring about enterprise solutions and job creation from within those places. We are talking big. We are talking about a path to save the middle class on our own, community by community, without interference from Washington or Wall Street.

Our case study will be the newly launched Crowdfund Montana platform and the Pacific Northwest Rural Broadband Alliance (PNWRBA) offering.

Montana is known for many things: breathtaking vistas, a rugged can-do spirit, and really terrible internet service.

PNWRBA is a company that was co-founded by a native Montanan, Elvis Nuno, who returned home after receiving an education and professional experience in the telecom and wireless ISP industry. Elvis has specialization in network engineering, automation, and cloud engineering, and together with co-founders Kevin Mesiab and Jacob Dobie, is on a mission to bring affordable and reliable internet service to Montana and other rural states.

To kick things off, there will be an online launch of Crowdfund Montana and the PNWRBA offering on Wednesday, October 20th from 12 – 1 PM Mountain Time. Please join us for a discussion about taking our economic health in our own hands and a lively Q&A session. Click here to register.


Next, the Angels of Main Street Due Diligence Learning Cohort featuring Pacific Northwest Rural Broadband Alliance will be held on Mondays at 5 PM Pacific Time/8 PM Eastern Time starting Monday, November 1st to Monday, December 6th. Angels of Main Street Community Manager Amy Short, a successfully exited entrepreneur and investor, will host a series of interactive discussion sessions designed to take the mystery out of direct investing. This group learning opportunity will flow as follows, based on a 5-6 week schedule with one Zoom-based 90 minute meeting per week. Changes to the schedule will be made when necessary to suit the emergent nature of the group learning experience:

Week 1: Introductions: topic of due diligence, principles, methods, and introductions among members of the group

Week 2: Review of offering: Group goes through the offering together. All documents are available online at

Week 3: Review of offering: Issuer (Pacific Northwest Rural Broadband Alliance) goes through the terms of the offering with the group and answers questions

Week 4: Review of offering: Securities lawyer and CEO of Crowdfund MainStreet, Michelle Thimesch, goes through the offering documents with the group and answers questions

Week 5: Group suggests further questions for issuer, and if ready, group wrap-up

Week 6: Additional answers to questions and group wrap up, if desired

There is no obligation to invest and the conversation is open to EVERYONE! Come join us and get inspired to direct your hard earned savings into the prosocial solutions you long for. Contact to join this inclusive learning cohort.