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What are your beliefs about money?

Thank you to everyone who helped to spread the word about and attended our three day training – Raise Capital on Your Own Terms – Build It, Fund It, Grow It!
At the training, we shared a combination of practical tools, legal and financial training, and exercises to help build the mindset needed to successfully raise funding. This was the first time we ever held a three-day virtual training and we had some bumps leading up to it, like my luggage being lost on the way to Baltimore, our event headquarters. But the event exceeded expectations and attendees gave very positive feedback!
Here is some of what they said:
“Incredible expertise in the room”
“I think it was done very well. I was surprised at how engaged people were for an online event!”
“Having the guidance of qualified, caring individuals like Jenny and Michelle, when you are trying to tackle raising capital, is invaluable.”
“The Kassan team provided the perfect balance of soul searching and spine building to move my project forward.”
“Jenny Kassan and Michelle Thimesch are a dynamic duo unleashing a world of positive social and environmental impact through their work of helping entrepreneurs raise capital on their own terms.”

At the event we observed that almost all of our attendees had something in common: whether they were just starting out or have been running their business for years, money mindset played a big role in how they thought about raising money from investors.
I facilitated an exercise where we uncovered our beliefs about money, which you can watch here. We hope you find it helpful for your own journey!