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Revenue Share Note Term Sheet

Convertible Note Term Sheet

Preferred Equity Term Sheet

Go here to see the National Venture Capital Association model term sheet, as well as other legal documents used in venture deals: https://nvca.org/model-legal-documents/


If an investor purchases securities from your business (i.e. invests in equity or debt in your business), can he or she just turn around and sell that investment to someone else?

The answer to that depends on the regulations under which the securities were initially sold. Securities sold in a private offering are generally considered “restricted securities.” This means that the resale of the security is not allowed unless it complies with state and federal rules governing resales.

Most resales of restricted securities are done pursuant to Rule 144.

Rule 144 is a “safe harbor” under Section 4(a)(1) of the Securities Act providing objective standards that a security holder can rely on to meet the requirements of that exemption. Rule 144 permits the resale of restricted securities if a number of conditions are met, including a minimum holding period. For details, you can go here: https://www.sec.gov/reportspubs/investor-publications/investorpubsrule144htm.html.

Securities sold in an offering under Regulation Crowdfunding are not restricted but cannot be resold for one year (except under limited circumstances) and resales are subject to state securities laws.


In addition to the examples below, you can see private placement templates here:

Private Placement Memorandum

Dermveda Fundraising Prospectus

Pitch Deck Template

Sample Executive Summary

Anyone with a retirement account can set up a self-directed IRA and invest in your business. Here is an article with some details: http://slowmoneynorcal.org/self-directed-iras-and-the-slow-money-investor/

Please review the attached information about self-directed IRAs.

Here is another resource about self-directed investing from a solo 401(k): https://youtu.be/taTzvtaJiCE

Here are some custodians for self-directed IRAs that have been recommended to us:



Strata Trust Company

Download the primer below and share it with your potential investors.

Also, check out this book on the topic: Put Your Money Where Your Life Is: How to Invest Locally Using Self-Directed IRAs and Solo 401(k)s by Michael Shuman.

AMS Self-Directed IRA Investing


If you would like even more resources and support on your capital raising journey, visit the Resources For Business Owners on our website.

Recent Securities Rule Changes: https://www.jennykassan.com/blog/major-changes-to-securities-rules/


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