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Jenny Kassan Consulting presents
The Capital on Your Terms PROGRAM

A course and community designed to teach heart-centered entrepreneurs how to raise values-aligned investment capital.

With Jenny Kassan and a team of lawyers and finance experts

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“Jenny brings a wealth of experience and a fantastic, healthy perspective to fundraising that turns it from a chore into empowerment!”

– Colleen Kavanaugh, Zego Foods


In six months you could be raising money from supportive, values-aligned investors so you can run and grow your business on your terms. 


Are any of these true for you?

  1. You want to start a business but you need money to do it right
  2. You have a business and you know it could be much more successful if you could afford to hire a sales team, pay for a high-quality website, buy effective ads, etc.
  3. You’ve had your business for a while and you’re using your personal resources to fund it – hoping that you’ll eventually make enough money to cover your costs
  4. You want to grow your business to have a bigger impact but you don’t know how to get the resources you need to reach your growth goals
  5. You’re not paying yourself a salary
  6. You don’t have the support you need from a high-quality team to be able to focus on the parts of the business you love

If yes, read on!

Jenny is deeply knowledgeable about a topic most of us are not!  Jenny walks you through the steps necessary for finding investors so that when you approach an investor, you feel that you’re on solid ground.

– Ann Kramer, Good4U Inc.

A special invitation to

grow your business on your own terms

This program is the result of over 25 years of working with hundreds of social entrepreneurs at every stage of growth and in just about every industry you can imagine. Jenny Kassan has helped her clients creatively structure their businesses, innovate new business models, and raise millions of dollars from supportive investors.

Jenny believes that the world desperately needs values-driven business owners with enough financial resources to have the world-changing impact they were meant to have.

Unfortunately, finding the right funding can be a challenge for highly mission-driven entrepreneurs who are unwilling to sacrifice their mission in the name of enriching investors at any cost.

But at Jenny Kassan Consulting we have discovered that with the right strategies, tools, and support, it is possible to raise the funding you need on terms that are right for you. We believe that if your business has the potential to contribute to a better world, you can and should get the funding you need to create a healthy, sustainable business. As long as you are stuck in the bootstrap trap, using your credit card and personal savings to fund your business, it is likely that you will continue to struggle with having the time, energy, and resources to fulfill your mission.  Lack of sufficient funding is one of the top reasons for business failure.

We would love to support you in finding the right funding for your business.

Our unique, proprietary six-step process helps those who may not believe they could be successful with fundraising from investors to create a customized fundraising strategy based on your natural strengths. We also help those who have tried many different approaches to fundraising but are simply not getting results to pivot their method in order to attract the right investors.

Inside our Capital on Your Terms Program you will learn to:

  • Find the right investors for you
  • Design an offering that will be attractive to investors but will not threaten the survival of your business
  • Position yourself uniquely to stand out to your ideal investors
  • Invite investors to conversations with comfort, confidence, and authenticity
  • Draft a day-by-day outreach plan for your investment offering

And much more …

You’ll find all the details below.  We look forward to seeing you in the program!

In appreciation,

Jenny Kassan and the JKC team

Capital on Your Own Terms Community

“Jenny is, hands down, one of the most knowledgeable sources in the field today when it comes to creative capital raising for social enterprises and small businesses.”

– Amy Cortese, Investibule

What is “Capital on Your Terms”?

“Capital on Your Terms” represents a growing movement of conscious entrepreneurs who are committed to raising investment in a way that allows them to stay true to their mission, goals, and values.

For decades, entrepreneurs have been told that if they want to raise money from investors, they have to commit to a life of overwork and trying to grow their business at any cost. If you can’t be the next “unicorn” tech startup and capture hundreds of millions of dollars in market share within the next few years, don’t bother trying to raise money.

“Capital on Your Terms” is a completely different approach to funding your business. It starts with the knowledge that investors are diverse and that you don’t have to sacrifice what’s important to you to attract investment dollars. There are plenty of investors out there who will be attracted to your unique value proposition.

More and more investors are tired of participating in a system that concentrates wealth in fewer and fewer hands and favors only the most privileged entrepreneurs, leaving 99.9% without access to capital.

Capital on Your Terms is a proven step-by-step system that will teach you how to tap into the vast overlooked pool of investors who are looking for opportunities to invest outside the box in a way that reflects what is truly important to them.

“Jenny gave me the tools I needed to offer an investment opportunity to supportive investors. My team and I are well on our way to achieving our goal of raising $500,000. We’re offering equity, but we are not giving up any control. We’ve had a remarkable response, and we couldn’t have done it without Jenny’s teaching and support.”

-Kristen Barker, Our Harvest

Who is the Capital on Your Terms Program for?

The Capital on Your Terms Program is for any conscious entrepreneur who wants to raise supportive, patient capital from values-aligned investors.

Specifically, it is for business owners who

  believe business can and should be a force for good

⚈  feel that they are not natural at fundraising but willing to learn in the name of having a
greater potential for business growth and impact

  do not fit the mold of the high growth Silicon Valley style tech startup

  have attended pitch events or other investor events and felt that there must be another

This program is NOT for business owners who
  want to put all their energy toward making their investors rich as quickly as possible, no
matter the cost
do not care if their business has a positive impact in the world
have no interest in getting creative when it comes to capital raising

Here’s What You’ll Receive as a Member of the Capital on Your Terms Program

You will get immediate access to a private online portal where you can go through Jenny’s proven six-step process at your own pace, connect with other entrepreneurs with a diverse range of experience and areas of expertise and share your insights, ask for community feedback, and be inspired by the reflections of others as you progress through the teaching material.

Capital on Your Own Terms Community

1. Live group calls with Jenny Kassan and other lawyers and finance experts

We have weekly live calls.  Our group calls consist of special guests (investors, entrepreneurs, and the like), community roundtables, and other calls where we will do deep dives on all of the components of the six-step Capital on Your Terms formula.  This is in addition to your course material.

Although we highly recommend that you attend the calls live, if you miss a session for any reason you can come to the community portal and watch the recording.

This is part of the Community Membership.


Capital on Your Own Terms Community

2. Members-only online community

You will get immediate access to a private online portal where you can connect with other participants and share your experiences and insights, ask for community feedback, and be inspired by the reflections of others as you progress through the teaching material.


This is part of the Community Membership.

Capital on Your Own Terms Community

3. Forever access to all trainings and course materials

You will receive a personal login for an easy-to-use portal where you will have access to all of the course materials including videos, slides, templates, and instructional handouts.

The course materials walk you through the Capital on Your Terms formula:

  • Get clear on your goals and values
  • Identify your ideal investors
  • Design your offer
  • Choose your legal compliance strategy
  • Create your investor enrollment materials and plan
  • Get in the right mindset to raise


Capital on Your Own Terms Community

4. Downloadable course workbook
The fillable workbook is designed to take you through all of the exercises within each of the six steps so that you are steadily designing your customized fundraising plan as the program progresses.

Plus receive these special bonuses:

Bonus #1

$1,000 Credit Toward Legal Services

If you decide to hire Jenny Kassan Consulting as your attorney to implement your fundraising plan, you will receive $1,000 credit toward the fee.

Capital on Your Own Terms Community

Bonus #2

Library of Interviews with Outside the Box Investors

Learn from experienced investors what they are looking for and their advice for mission-driven entrepreneurs.

Capital on Your Own Terms Community

Bonus #3

Nail Your Personal Brand Home Study Course

Discover your brand archetypes and learn how to use them to create compelling authentic messaging to attract your ideal investors.

Capital on Your Own Terms Community

Pay-in-full Bonus

Copy of Jenny’s Book

Choose the Pay-in-Full option, and we will mail you a copy of Raise Capital on Your Own Terms: How to Fund Your Business without Selling Your Soul.

Capital on Your Own Terms Community

Private clients of Jenny Kassan Consulting pay as much as $75,000 to get support with their fundraising journey.  The Capital on Your Terms Program gives you access to our expert team for only $250 per month if you pay in full.

It’s time to get your business fully funded and change the world.

“Jenny is an entrepreneur’s dream come true!”

-Konda Mason, Jubilee Justice

Our Team

Capital on Your Own Terms Community

Jenny Kassan

Jenny has over 25 years of experience as an attorney and advisor for mission-driven enterprises. She has helped her clients raise millions of dollars from values-aligned investors and has raised over $1.5 M for her own businesses.

Jenny earned her J.D. from Yale Law School and a masters degree in City and Regional Planning from the University of California at Berkeley. She served on the Securities and Exchange Commission Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies. She also submitted the petition to the SEC that led to the passage of the 2012 JOBS Act, and was present at the White House signing ceremony.

Jenny is co-founder of Crowdfund Mainstreet and the Force for Good Fund. Jenny is the President of Community Ventures, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the economic and social development of communities. She also co-founded the Sustainable Economies Law Center and is on the board of directors for CfPA (Crowdfunding Professional Association).

Capital on Your Own Terms Community

Michelle Thimesch
Legal Director

Michelle has over two decades of experience as a business, real estate, and estate planning attorney. After attending Drake University Law School, she worked as a litigator and municipal finance attorney.

Following the passage of Title III of the 2012 JOBS Act, a law that allows anyone to invest in small businesses and startups, Michelle redoubled her efforts to expand access to capital for the closely held businesses she represented in her law practice.

In 2016 when the final regulations for Investment Crowdfunding came out, Michelle recognized the magnitude of the opportunity to disrupt the status quo in the small business finance ecosystem. Two years later Michelle launched Crowdfund Mainstreet, an Investment Crowdfunding platform for which she serves as CEO. Michelle has personally raised over $10M from investors and loves empowering under-represented entrepreneurs to embrace the process of securing investor capital on their own terms.

Jenny Kassan is a national thought leader in the effort to increase capital flow towards triple bottom line businesses.

-David Brodwin, American Sustainable Business Council

Our 100% risk-free guarantee: If after 30 days in the community or completion of the first step in the course, whichever come first, you have participated in the group calls and completed the assigned coursework and you don’t feel the community is right for you, you will receive a full refund.


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