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Raise Capital Event

“I’ve done group programs with Jenny and she brings a wealth of experience and a fantastic, healthy perspective to fundraising that turns it from a chore into empowerment!”

– Colleen Kavanaugh, Zego Foods

About This Event

Do you ever find yourself saying

“I just met someone who would be an amazing team member… I so wish I could hire them… they would really help my business stability/growth.”

“My spouse just yelled at me because my business is draining our personal finances.”

“I find the whole topic of business funding intimidating and overwhelming – how would I even begin?”

“My competitors are growing like crazy because they have funding to do marketing and hire a sales team – even though what I offer is so much better than what they offer!”

“I just came up with an awesome product idea but wish I had the funding to launch it!”

If so, you are stuck in the bootstrap trap and you need to learn the skill of bringing supportive, values-aligned funding into your business.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insights around raising capital for your business without compromising your vision or values — all while connecting with and being inspired by experienced lawyers, business coaches, fundraisers, and impact investors. In just three days, you’ll meet with this group of supportive professionals and learn how to design an effective investment offer, identify values-aligned investors, and build the confidence and resources that will enable your business to grow and succeed.

Is this event for me? This event is for you if you are:

  • A social entrepreneur ready to take your business to the next level
  • A business innovator with an idea that will solve a problem 
  • A side hustler who is ready to go all in 
  • A business owner seeking resources to grow 
  • A creative leader looking to build community 

Explore what you’ll gain in these amazing three days:

Day 1: Clarify Your Goals and Identify Your Ideal Investors

  • Align your business goals, mission, and values to your fundraising strategy
  • Get clear on how much you need to raise and your funding timeline
  • Understand who your ideal investors are and what they’re looking for

Day 2: Create Your Offer and Reach Your Ideal Investors Without Breaking the Law

  • Understand how your business structure affects how you can raise money
  • Learn the pros and cons of various investment instruments and choose the best one for you
  • Design an investment offering that works for your business and is irresistible to your ideal investor

Day 3: Enroll Investors and Build a Resilient Mindset

  • Learn how to comfortably set up meetings with potential investors
  • Design your offering materials and create your plan for a successful enrollment conversation
  • Know your strategy for dealing with limiting beliefs and fears that could get in your way


“Jenny walks you through the steps necessary for finding investors so that when you approach an investor, you feel that you’re on solid ground.”

– Ann Kramer, Good4U Inc.

Featured Experts

With over five decades of experience in capital raising, business coaching, and securities and real estate law, Jenny Kassan and Michelle Thimesch are teaming up to share their expertise and empower individuals who are looking to raise capital and grow their businesses. Driven by their shared passion for coaching entrepreneurs and divesting from Wall Street and investing in Main Street, they’re excited to workshop how to build, fund, and grow your business with you. This three-day workshop will also include a variety of other surprise guest experts and speakers.

Jenny Kassan

Jenny Kassan

Lawyer and Fundraising Expert

Jenny is an attorney, investor, and capital-raising coach who teaches mission-driven entrepreneurs how to fundraise without selling their soul. Jenny believes entrepreneurs are heroes, and has helped entrepreneurs raise millions of dollars from values-aligned investors to turn their world-changing visions into reality.

Michelle Thimesch

Michelle Thimesch

Lawyer and Coach

Michelle is an attorney and transformational business coach with over two decades of experience. She has helped her clients create legacy and philanthropic planning goals that ensure the continuation of business and community involvement for the next generation. Michelle is the CEO of Crowdfund Mainstreet, a regulated investment crowdfunding platform.

What People Are Saying

I feel tremendously fortunate to have attended the event with Jenny and Michelle. I know that there’s a lot of work between now and the realization of my ultimate goal, but I trust their process, their passion, and their expertise. They are leading me to a future where the agony of bootstrapping will be old news instead of the daily norm. A future where our company’s great products will reach the audience which needs them and perhaps even move the industry we are in towards the circular economy that we embody.”


— Julie Ann DeSa Lorenz

“Jenny helped me understand that there is another way to raise money besides the venture capital route. In one weekend, she gave me the confidence to raise investments from people who were truly invested in the mission. I consider my workshop with Jenny to have been a critical step in building my company.”

– Katrina Spade, RECOMPOSE

“Jenny gave me the tools I needed to offer an investment opportunity to supportive investors. We’re offering equity, but we are not giving up any control. We’ve had a remarkable response, and we couldn’t have done it without Jenny’s teaching and support.”

– Kristen Barker, Our Harvest