Capital Raise Legal Services & Executive Coaching

The Kassan Group’s Capital Raise Legal Services & Executive Coaching program provides comprehensive, expert fundraising support through a robust suite of services:
  • Legal services for all aspects of your raise
  • Executive coaching
  • Financial expertise and development of your projections
  • Communications and outreach strategies for your ideal investors
  • A supportive community of fundraising entrepreneurs
  • Connections to investors, and more!
picture of the Kassan Group Team

The Program



  • Strategy design
  • Drafting of legal documents
  • Securities compliance advising and filings
  • Bi-monthly group implementation and coaching calls
  • Tools, templates, and scripts for investor outreach
  • Feedback on investor outreach materials and messaging
  • Opportunities to present to potential investors

Price: $25,000

Payment plans are available.


At the Unlimited Level, The Kassan Group is your in-house counsel and chief fundraising officer for as long as you need to reach your fundraising goal (up to one year).

The Unlimited Level includes all Basic Level support, PLUS:
  • Multiple investment offerings and compliance strategies as needed
  • Unlimited communications with Jenny and team
  • Direct connections to potential investors
  • Attendance by The Kassan Group at investor calls
  • Bonus: Membership in our Inner Circle Coaching Program

Price: $75,000

Payment plans are available.

How To Get Started:

The Capital Raise Legal Services & Executive Coaching program (Basic and Unlimited) kicks off with a Mutual Assessment to determine whether the program is a good fit for your needs.


Reserve your Mutual Assessment with a fully refundable deposit.  Price > $8500 


Pull up a chair! The Mutual Assessment is a thorough evaluation that begins with a review of your fundraising challenges and strengths by our team of experts. You’ll get all your questions answered, and together, we’ll determine whether the Legal Services & Executive Coaching program is a fit (and, if so, which level is right for you)! Following the Mutual Assessment, if we both agree to move forward, services begin immediately. If either you or we determine that we are not a perfect fit, your full deposit is refunded.


Let’s get started on your fundraising journey!Your $8,500 deposit will be applied to the overall fee of the level you choose (Basic or Unlimited).

Exclusive Bonuses

for Event Attendees who Sign Up for the Program before April 27:


A one-on-one V.I.P. Day with Jenny (virtual or in person). Spend a full day with Jenny’s eyes on any aspect of your business model, financial projections, fundraising strategy, and/or mindset challenges.


Meet and greet with members of our outside-the-box investor community. Over the years, Jenny and team have cultivated relationships with hundreds of impact investors that invest outside of the venture capital model. We will bring together a curated group of investors for a virtual meeting so you can learn more about what they are looking for.


A: The Basic Level is best if you need more limited support and you only plan to conduct one type of offering using one legal compliance strategy. If you would like the Kassan Group to be a member of your team that is available for anything that comes up on your journey, including changes to your strategy and multiple offerings and/or compliance strategies, the Unlimited Level is best for you. If you’re still deciding which level is right for your fundraising journey, you can learn more during our Mutual Assessment Call and decide then.

A: The programs are designed to provide everything you need to successfully raise funding. If you don’t need comprehensive services, other service options may be available and can be discussed on the Mutual Assessment Call.

A: Yes! If you have a co-founder(s), partners, advisors, or teammates that you would like to participate in the fundraising process, they are invited to our executive coaching calls and have access to the program’s resources.

A: Yes! There are payment plans for both Basic and Unlimited Level. See our full program description for details.

A: The program is designed to be comprehensive. However, accounting/tax services and graphic design for your investor outreach materials are not included.