INNER CIRCLE Executive Coaching

One on one executive coaching that helps you uncover hidden roadblocks and attract more of what you want.

What is


If you want to accelerate the pace of your transformation into the leader you want to be, the Inner Circle program is for you.

The Inner Circle program includes structured one on one coaching focused on giving you the tools you need to step into your role as a leader and changemaker, capable of growing your business and getting it funded on your own terms.

The Inner Circle program is designed to give you the skills and confidence to take your business to the next level and become magnetic to your ideal customers and investors.

Almost all of us have blindspots when it comes to seeing what is getting in our way as we try to grow our business.  The Inner Circle program is designed to help you uncover those hidden roadblocks, release them, and transform your old default ways of operating into a new powerful awareness that can quantum leap your business and attract abundant funding.

If you want to accelerate the pace of your transformation into a fundraising rockstar, the Inner Circle program is for you. 

Michelle Thimesch, Attorney and Inner Circle Lead Coach

THE INNER CIRCLE program includes the following:

Five one-on-one mindset coaching sessions to help you break through the limiting beliefs and challenges that are holding you back
Two implementation labs – these 90 minute virtual sessions are designed to support you as you work on a key step in your business growth such as finishing your financial projections, writing a job description for your next hire, outlining your pitch deck, crafting your “elevator pitch,” working through a mindset worksheet, etc.
Three-day virtual leadership retreat – enjoy quality time to mastermind with your peers, participate in transformational exercises, and nurture your inner wisdom.