CAPITAL RAISE Legal Services & Executive Coaching

Comprehensive Legal and Coaching Services to Raise Values-Based Investment Capital for Social Enterprises

Do you want to raise $500,000 or more for your business but struggle to identify supportive, values-based funding sources?

Does everything you hear about typical startup funding feel out of alignment with your mission [or principles]?  

Are you ready for a completely different approach to raise the funding you need to grow your business on your own terms?

If you’re a social entrepreneur seeking values-based investment funding, expert attorney and finance innovator Jenny Kassan and her team can work with you to design and implement a capital raising plan to achieve your goals

Jenny and her team take you through a step by step process to design and implement a custom fundraising plan for your social enterprise. We provide expert executive coaching along the way to address roadblocks that arise and keep you on track.

Here is an outline of our process

Details vary based on the level of service and your particular strategy


Step 1: Funding Roadmap (Strategy Design)

We meet for approximately 2 hours to design your fundraising plan, including entity structure, tax status, initial capitalization/founder equity, terms of offering, compliance strategy, target investors, timeline, outreach plan, and more. We’ll give you a term sheet to show to potential investors and instructions for how to share your offering without breaking the law.


Step 2: Financial Projections                                

We review your financial projections or prepare them as needed and work together to ensure you are comfortable with your projections and that they are ready to show to potential investors.


Step 3: Compliance Filings and Document Drafting

We complete all the legal documents needed to accept investment capital (e.g. entity formation, amended certificate of incorporation, issuance of founder equity, subscription agreement, promissory note, etc.) and all required state and federal securities filings.


Step 4: Investor Outreach                                

We help you design your plan for investor outreach including messaging for your target audience, outreach materials (slide deck, executive summary), an outreach plan and weekly schedule, an online offering page (if applicable), and a deal room and/or required disclosures.


Step 5: Ongoing Support to Achieve Goal

You have access to the TKG team for support, coaching, and advising until your fundraising goal is reached.

We also provide opportunities for connections with investors in our network.

Let’s Work Together

Meet with a member of our team to assess your readiness for fundraising and to find out if we are the right law firm and coach for your fundraising journey.