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Your Legal Compliance Strategy

You may not know this, but raising money from investors is a highly regulated activity!

There are complicated laws at both the state and federal level that you must comply with when raising money or you will turn your business into a walking lawsuit waiting to happen!

On the other hand, many lawyers don’t know all of the legal strategies you can use that allow you to reach the right investors for you.  For example, most lawyers will tell you that you should only talk to accredited investors.  Accredited investors are wealthy individuals and organizations.  Approximately 6% of the US population is accredited.  That really limits your pool of potential investors!

The good news is that these lawyers are wrong!  There are legal compliance strategies that allow you to raise money from a much broader pool of potential investors.  And we happen to be in a time of rapid change in this area of law.  You need to know what legal strategy works best for your particular situation.

Choosing your legal compliance strategy is the fourth step in my Right Investor Formula.