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Get Your Business Funded on Your Terms

Legal advising, consulting, and coaching for mission-aligned structure and finance.


Jenny Kassan is a business attorney with decades of experience. She is also a certified transformational coach, social entrepreneur, and finance innovator. Her formula for mission-aligned capital raising has helped diverse entrepreneurs throughout the country raise millions of dollars on their own terms.

The Six Steps to Finding the Right Investors

1. Your Goals And Values

Unless you’re clear on the values that underlie your business and your goals for its future, it is very hard to find investors. Read more

2. The Right Investors

When you know what kinds of investors are right for you, you’ll avoid wasting time with the wrong ones and get to your fundraising goal faster. Read more

3. Your Offer

Are you worried that taking on investors could result in you losing control of your business? Not necessarily! Read more

4. Legal Strategy

Raising money is a highly regulated activity!  The right legal compliance strategy will allow you to raise money from the RIGHT investors and go beyond the usual suspects. Read more

5. Investor Enrollment

Have you been meeting with investors but repeatedly getting rejected?  The more you know about what is important to an investor, the more compelling you’ll be able to make your offer. Read more

6. Address Obstacles Head On

Have the right tools and support so that you’re prepared for whatever happens on your capital raising journey. Read more