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Would you like to become an expert on fundraising so you can design a plan to raise money for your business and talk intelligently to potential investors? 

Join our community!  Some of the topics we’ll cover are: Getting clear on your fundraising goals, identifying your ideal investors and deciding what to offer them, legal compliance, investor enrollment, mindset obstacles, and much more!


Raise Capital On Your Own Terms

How to Fund Your Business Without Selling Your Soul


Order this groundbreaking book and learn how you can turn your big, bold world-changing visions into reality by creating a customized capital-raising plan that’s right for you!

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You’re an entrepreneur—you want to be your own boss, live a life you love, and do something great. But businesses need money, so you max out your credit cards, take out a second mortgage, and maybe even drive Uber at night. You do everything yourself, and on the cheap. Why? Because you think the only alternative is to make a devil’s bargain with some venture capitalist who’ll demand a 10X return and could easily take your business out from under you. Right?

Wrong, says attorney Jenny Kassan. For the first time, this book lays out the vast range of capital-raising strategies available to entrepreneurs. You don’t have to go the “Silicon Valley” route, which is frankly wrong for the majority of newbusinesses anyway. Nor do you have to unduly stress yourself or your personal finances, or give up control.

Based on her 25 years working with small businesses, Kassan knows the landscape of investment capital is far larger and more diverse than many lawyers and business advisors would have you believe. And what Kassan is talking about goes way beyond crowdfunding. There are all kinds of investors out there, with varying motives and expectations. They’re not all looking to make a killing—many investors are just as mission-driven as you. Kassan shows you how to find them, and provides a layperson’s primer on the laws and regulations governing fundraising.

With the groundwork set, Kassan takes you through a six-step process for creating a customized capital-raising plan: one that inspires you, excites you, and is in complete agreement with your business goals and your personal values. Jenny Kassan believes entrepreneurs are heroes—she wants to help as many of them as possible turn their big, bold world-changing visions into reality.

Jenny Kassan has been an attorney for social enterprises for 25 years. She is also a certified transformational coach, social entrepreneur, and finance innovator. Her formula for mission-aligned capital raising has helped diverse entrepreneurs throughout the country raise millions of dollars on their own terms. In addition to running her own firm, she is president of Community Ventures, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the economic and social development of communities.


Part I: Setting the Stage

Chapter 1: Busting the Myths – Forget Everything You Think You Know

Chapter 2: Are You Ready?

Chapter 3: The Legal Framework – What Your Lawyer Probably Won’t Tell You

Part II: Create Your Customized Capital Raising Plan

Step 1: Get clear on your goals and values

Step 2: Identify the right investors for you

Step 3: Design your offer

Step 4: Choose your legal compliance strategy

Step 5. Enroll investors

Step 6: Address obstacles head on

Conclusion: Pulling it all together – your go-to market plan


Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Publication date: October 8, 2017

$19.95, paperback

192 pages, 5.5″ x 8.5″

ISBN 978-1-5230-8471-5

PDF ebook ISBN 978-1-5230-8472-2

ePub ebook ISBN 978-1-5230-8473-9

Digital audio ISBN 978-1-5230-8475-3



Readers could not find a better coach, mentor, and guide to raising capital.  Prepare to have your old notions of how to raise capital turned upside down!”

Amy Cortese, journalist and founder of