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Jenny Kassan

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Also, check out my soon-to-be released book.: Raise Capital on Your Own Terms: How to Fund Your Business without Selling Your Soul (Coming (Coming in Fall 2017): 

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This book removes the mystery from the capital raising process and guides you step-by-step to create a customized capital raising plan—including finding the right investors, determining what kind of investment to offer, and getting clear on how to comply with state and federal securities law.

Jenny shows entrepreneurs the numerous ways to tap the vast amounts of capital held by everyday people.  And she shares practical strategies that make it possible for any kind of business—from high tech to bricks-and-mortar—to raise the right money from the right investors, leaving entrepreneurs free to build their businesses on their own terms.

1.     Busting the Myths: Forget Everything You Think You Know
2.     The Legal Framework: What Your Lawyer Probably Won’t Tell You
3.     Step One: Get Clear on Your Goals and Values
4.     Step Two: Identify the Right Investors for You
5.     Step Three: Design Your Offer
6.     Step Four: Choose Your Legal Compliance Strategy
7.     Step Five: Enroll Investors
8.     Step Six: Address Obstacles Head on
9.     Putting It All Together: Your Go-to-Market Plan