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Your Investor Meeting

Have you been able to get meetings with investors but you’re repeatedly getting rejected?

Do the meetings seem to go well but you have no funds to show for your efforts?

It’s important to know what investors are looking for so that you can appeal to their deepest desires when you meet with them.

Here’s a hint: they are looking for a lot more than a big financial return!

To make things more complicated, different things are important to different kinds of investors.  Here are some of the things they are considering when deciding whether to invest in your business:

  • How risky is it?
  • How much can I trust this person?
  • Does this person have the ability to carry out her plans?
  • Is this person committed over the long-term?
  • If I invest, will I have a cool story to tell to my friends and colleagues?
  • is this investment in alignment with my values?
  • if I invest, will I be part of a community that I would enjoy?
  • In addition to a financial return, what perks come with investing?

The more you know about what is important to an investor, the better you will be able to make your offer compelling.  And you will also know quickly whether the investor is wrong for you so that you can end the meeting early and avoid wasting your or their time.

Knowing what to do and say in an investor meeting is the fifth step in my Right Investor Formula.