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Who is Your Ideal Investor?

Finding and meeting with potential investors can be a long and tedious process.  You have a business to run and you don’t want to waste time with meeting after meeting that leads nowhere.  In addition to being a huge time suck, meetings with investors that keep saying “no” are extremely demoralizing.

You need to focus your energy and time on the RIGHT investors for you!  The right investors will share your values and see your vision.  Meetings with them, instead of feeling like stressful drudgery, will be full of ease and even fun!

When you know who to target, you will get to your fundraising goal faster.  And your investors will be a source of support rather than people you fear might fire you from your own company if you fail to live up to their expectations.

The right investors for you may not fit the stereotype of a typical investor – they may not have a fancy office in Silicon Valley or wear a suit.

Keep an open mind about who may be the perfect investor for you – don’t limit yourself to fishing in the same tiny pond that so many other founders fish in.

Creating your Ideal Investor Profile is the second step in my Right Investor Formula.